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Sales Coaching

The individual attention you receive from your Sales Development Specialist will help you advance your expertise

If you are serious about improving your sales skills and earning power, then the Sales Coaching program is for you.

This one-on-one coaching program, enables you to become an expert sales person.   The individual attention you receive from your Sales Development Specialist will help you advance your Simply Selling System expertise.  Your coaching program is completely tailored to your needs, you may only need one or two months, or perhaps a six month program, with on going support.

The Sales Coaching program is a 7 step process, in which you will be shown the ‘insider’s edge’ to selling. You will find out how to control your emotions, get back on the horse and sell with confidence.

To begin your one-on-one Sales Coaching program, please contact one of our Sales Development Specialists.

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Sales Coaching Core Program
Sales Psychology
Understand the difference between ‘getting sold’ and ‘buying’ so you can sell effectively.
Attitude then Confidence
Learn how to control your mind so you don’t get derailed in your sales process.
Emotional Control
Eliminate the need to resorting to hyperbole by using the right foundation to build trust.
Sales Mission
Make the sales process fit your personality. Pinpoint the values you want to share with others and create your personal pitch so you’re remembered and make a lasting impression.
Understanding the 4 pitches
There are 4 life changing styles of sales pitches, learn the differences and how to use them to your advantage.
Sales Craftsmanship
Find out how to ‘hook and pitch’ successfully so you connect with your prospects. Also improve your sales performance by mastering ‘pleasure and pain’.
Evaluate Performance
Continually improve your sales ratios by evaluating your performance. See how to effectively rate yourself.

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