Enterprise Advantage Program
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Enterprise Advantage Program

  • Ideal for Medium Sized Business with 3-10 sales people
  • Implement a proven sales system
  • Easily monitor and measure each of your sales people
  • Sales training process
  • Accurately measure your team’s performance

“Yet another outstanding conference call today. You make it sound all very easy. That’s always a reflection of a real pro. You have certainly given myself and a lot of other consultants an excellent structure and formula to follow. I would say that the recent upturn in sales must be down to your training.”
Steven Crane, CEO, 1quickreferral.com

Enterprise Advantage Sales Program

As the Sales Manager in a medium sized business, you’d think it would be easier to maintain and grow a successful sales team. Unfortunately, more often than not, because of the smaller size of your company structure, your job is made harder instead of easier.

Larger organisations are compelled to have a clear support structure to keep tabs on their numerous sales people, where you on the other hand, are often left on your own.

The responsibility to build and run a successful sales team is on your shoulders alone. It’s up to you to ensure targets are achieved. The business owner expects you to create a successful sales team through your nature skill and experience.

However, without a proper sales training system it’s near impossible to build a successful sale team. There’s no way to effectively monitor or train team members. The end result is – you’re probably constantly ‘hiring and firing’, in the hope the right person will walk through your door.

The Enterprise Advantage sales training program gives you a complete step by step sales system – a sales process, which you can:

  • Easily monitor and measure each of your sales people.
  • Smoothly train new sales people

As with all the Advantage Sales Training Programs, the Simply Selling System is customised to your needs and your team’s size. By using the proven system you can be confident that your current sales team will be brought up to standard and, any new team members will be easily inducted into your team.

The Simply Selling System is so simple and effective, that you will finally have the tool to accurately measure your team’s performance. No more slackers allowed.

You’re be able to find out exactly where in the sales process your people are failing, and help those on the verge of becoming a sales superstar make the leap.

Make it easier for yourself to drive your sales team to success. Use the Enterprise Advantage program to finally implement a solid sales training and monitoring process, and make your job easier and more successful.

Enterprise Sales Training Core Program

SS Discovery Organisation
Your organisation’s history in sales will be assessed, You have the opportunity to establish the goals you wish to achieve from the Advantage program
SS Customised Organisation
The Simply Selling System is customised to your organisation’s ideologies and sales team needs. Relevant references to your organisation’s processes
On-site Delivery
Your Advantage program will be delivered on-site at your premises.