Corporate Advantage Program
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Corporate Advantage Program

  • Ideal for Large Sized Business with large sales teams (>10)
  • Step by Step Process
  • Easily monitor and measure each of your sales people
  • Smoothly train new sales people
  • Accurately measure your team’s performance

“We were very impressed with the quality, content and delivery of the system. Our salesforce has commented how much they have learnt from the Simply Selling System as well as thoroughly enjoying the few days they spent on the program.”.
Jay Wester, Managing Director, LEAP

Corporate Advantage Sales Program

As the Sales Manager you are regularly allocating your budget on keeping your team’s motivation and results on the up.

The investment is constant. Regular sales seminars, refresher courses, in-house training sessions and a multitude of sales gurus sourced to motivate, inspire and galvanize your people into high performing sales units.

Unfortunately, it seems the job is never done.

Year in and year out, sales will slump and wane, and again you’re required to invest in another sales training sales solution and sales guru.

This constant swinging door of sales gurus, techniques, and flavour of the month strategies will only have a short term effect on your teams, because they are full of theory and motivation.
Your sales team will experience a temporary ‘high’ from the motivation and ‘feel good’ atmosphere. However, once this euphoria wears off, they are back to old habits.
Adding to the atmosphere of temporary motivation, your sales teams are also being bombarded by different theories and ideologies. They are forced to adopt or eliminate sales theories at the drop of a hat. This adds more confusion and disillusion with their own sales process, and further increases their frustration.

The Corporate Advantage program eliminates the need to find the latest sales trick, ideology and theory by customising the proven Simply Selling System to give your sales team a solid proven sales process to follow.

By implementing the Simply Selling System into your organisation all your sales teams will:

  • Use a proven sales process to increase their sales figures and new business acquisitions
  • Follow an identical process, making it easy for you to monitor and improve results

And, those with less ‘natural’ selling talent will quickly improve by following a proven sales process.

Take a look at how you can fully customise your Corporate Advantage Sales Training program

Corporate Sales Training Core Program

SS Discovery Organisation SS Discovery Organisation
SS Customised Organisation The Simply Selling System is customised to your organisation’s ideologies and sales team needs. Relevant references to your organisation’s processes
On-site Delivery Your Advantage program will be delivered on-site at your premises.

Optional Components

SS Discovery Individual To supercharge the effectiveness of the Simply Selling System in your organisation, you have the opportunity to assess your individual sales people’s strengths and weaknesses. This is also an opportunity to discover any disharmony within your sales team and bring them on board on the new system
SS Customised Individual The Simply Selling System is further customised to fit your individual sales person’s personality, to give them even more structure in the selling process.
Support Organisation Following the implementation and training of your Advantage program, you have the opportunity to receive further support from your Sales Development Specialist. You can receive monthly support to help you monitor and ensure your sales team are following the program. Support is available for 3 to 6
Offsite Workshop Delivery Your Advantage program will be delivered in a workshop format at a conference center, or similar venue.
Flexible Delivery Hours Your Advantage program can be delivered to suit your business hours. Corporate Advantage clients are able to choose weekend or week day delivery of programs. All other Advantage clients are able to choose delivery hours during week days.
Sales Coaching Sales coaching is available for any individual who wants to fast track their sales skills. Sales coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs and provides ‘line by line’ coaching of the Simply Selling System.
Refresher In the months following your Advantage program, you are eligible for a Refresher session. The Refresher is made available, so your team members are quickly corrected, should they revert to old habits.