Business Advantage Program
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Business Advantage Program

  • Ideal for Businesses with 1-3 sales people
  • Step by Step Process to improve your own sales skills
  • Easily monitor and measure each of your sales people
  • Implement a proven sales process into your business
  • Accurately measure you and your team’s performance

I just wanted to say you have helped me enormously. Here are my recent figures. In total, I have contacted 51 business owners and had 30 qualifying appointments.
Melina, United Kingdom

Business Advantage Sales Program

When you’re running your own business, the buck stops with you. You have to keep the sales coming in to survive, on top of doing everything else in your business.

Sales is one of the many skills successful business owners must have, and yet many do not pay attention to this skill, until the problem hits boiling point.

You’re feeling it now. You have limited time to get out and sell, and when you do, the results just don’t appear. You’ve probably got a couple of staff members to help you sell, however how can you really expect them to succeed, if you don’t really know what you’re doing?

Placing sales targets on yourself and your staff without having the proper tools and processes in place, just creates a pressure cooker and causes friction and low morale.

You can’t expect yourself or your staff to perform, if you don’t have the tools.
The Business Advantage program gives you a complete sales system:

  • A proven sales process to follow
  • Sales process you can monitor
  • Sales training system for your staff

By utilising the Business Advantage program, you and your staff will have a proven sales system to transform yourselves into sales superstars.

And, as the business owner you’ll gain the skills to be an effective sales person. You will gain the knowledge and process to train other sales people in your business.

There is no reason to struggle with sales, when the answer is available. Get the Business Advantage program and use it to grow your business. Implementing the Simply Selling System into your business will be life changing. Don’t wait, contact us now.

Business Sales Training Core Program

SS Discovery Organisation Your organisation’s history in sales will be assessed, You have the opportunity to establish the goals you wish to achieve from the Advantage program
SS Customised Organisation The Simply Selling System is customised to your organisation’s ideologies and sales team needs. Relevant references to your organisation’s processes
Offsite Workshop Delivery Your Advantage program will be delivered in a workshop format at a conference center, or similar venue.

Optional Components

Support Organisation Following the implementation and training of your Advantage program, you have the opportunity to receive further support from your Sales Development Specialist. You can receive monthly support to help you monitor and ensure your sales team are following the program. Support is available for 3 to 6
Support Individual Post training support is available for individual team members. This is available so that weaker team members can be monitored and shown how to monitor themselves. Support is available for 3 to 6 months.
Flexible Delivery Hours Your Advantage program can be delivered to suit your business hours. Corporate Advantage clients are able to choose weekend or week day delivery of programs. All other Advantage clients are able to choose delivery hours during week days.
Sales Coaching Sales coaching is available for any individual who wants to fast track their sales skills. Sales coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs and provides ‘line by line’ coaching of the Simply Selling System.
Refresher In the months following your Advantage program, you are eligible for a Refresher session. The Refresher is made available, so your team members are quickly corrected, should they revert to old habits.